About 2BNB


To The Bottom and Back (2BNB) is a 501(c)(3) and is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. To this end, the corporate mission is to:

  1. Reduce the quantity of drinking and driving incidents and create safer streets for pedestrians and motorists alike and create awareness through education to the dangers of drinking and driving.
  2. Provide free transportation relief of the poor, the distressed or underprivileged in conjunction with other charitable organizations.
  3. Through transportation, encourage a more eco-friendly way to move about Richmond and other cities.
  4. Provide a transportation catalyst for the people to enjoy the sights, culture and entertainment Richmond, or other cities, has to offer.

What We Do

2BNB currently operates buses on continuous loops throughout the major arteries in the city from 6pm to 3am, Thursday-Saturday. 2BNB bridges the gap between the Fan district, the East End/Downtown, Boulevard and Broad Streets, and aims to fill the void that existing public transportation creates.